About Us

Founded in 2011 to serve ancillary products and services companies in Washington State’s legal cannabis industry, Jaguaring has matured into a full-service business accelerator working with all kinds of startups and emerging brands nationwide. Headquartered in Seattle, Jag’s multi-disciplinary team guides clients through every phase of the startup process, including business planning and forecasting, funding and investment, HR and legal, operations and manufacturing, and sales and marketing. Jag’s proven go-to-market strategies and program implementation processes are designed with one goal in mind: to drive innovation and position startups for sustainable momentum and growth.

What We Do


From Seed to Late Stage funding, our investment strategists share their knowledge and networks to help startups develop and drive proposals, pitches, financial projections, and reporting.


We apply proven logic-based business modeling to ensure efficiency and eliminate redundancy throughout the business planning, investment, implementation and growth phases.


Jag also offers its services on a fee-for-service basis depending on where you are in the startup cycle. Services include: business analytics and reporting, relationship management, contract negotiations, legal documentation/IP, branding and graphic design, marketing and communications, digital and web production, executive recruitment, human resources, and technical support.


Jag-incubated startups are typically in the house for 12-to-24 months, which enables us to help build and train the team, provide access to our funding sources and professional networks, and launch sales and marketing initiatives to gain a foothold in the market. We provide dedicated administrative and office support and onsite management throughout the incubation period to make sure nothing slips.